This kid is the shit. I was at a friends house a few nights ago and he was playing some music. The track was solid. Who is this? He said a good friend from Hawaii. It was a him mixing and rapping. Shit it was good.

He’s 27 years old and always been into making sound. He writes too. He wants to get out share his music, but I guess he’s in a hard place financially. Computer died on him, so makes it hard to mix. But my friend had lots of his stuff. Nothing made to perfection, but just him doing his things, solo and some with others. He has a reggae/underground hip hop/trance vibe. A mix of all. That’s what I liked about his stuff. It’s expressive too. And a combo of expression from chill, laid back to I’ve got stuff to say. I hope this guy is able to be heard by more people. He is very talented. I hope one of my future posts is all about him with samples of his music.

The industry is tough. So many talented people that go unknown, unexposed. Even with all the right resources, it’s just hard.

That is why I have so much respect for artists that push for what they want…and then don’t sell out. Although think if you made it. It doesn’t happen overnight. Lots of energy, persistency and follow through go into really getting somewhere. Unless of course you simply luck out and meet the right person and the right time. Happens, just doesn’t happen all that often. Then to actually make money doing it you have to “change” according to what they say people want. What do you do? I think a little fight, like what got you there in the first place is what you do. What if that’s not enough and it’s sell out or go home. Personal decision I guess.

If you know of people that need to be exposed, keep exposing. Raw talent deserves exposure.