World Wide Music Fests

There are several gatherings and music festivals all over the world, beyond the United States. We know many of the popular ones local to us….Coachella, EDC, Governor’s Ball, and more. We want to spend time recognizing that there are several other legit, quality festivals and music shows around the world.

  1. AMF Amsterdam –  Amsterdam.  The center for some of the best electronic music. AMF, part of the Amsterdam Dance Event, is a 5 day event featuring artist, recognizing artists, djs, dance, and craziness. I haven’t been to a ton of out of country festivals, put I have been to this one and it is a list topper for sure.  This year the Amsterdam Music Festival will feature some of the very best djs and performers. We are’t making it this year, but I wish we were. The fun begins this October 2016.
  2. Byron Bay Bluefest Australia. Contemporary Blues & Root Music. The Blues Fest has become internationally renown and boasts over 7 stages and 200 performances. The Bluefest has grown in popularity over the years and brings thousands of people together to enjoy a variety of sound and a chill, laid back atmosphere. Originating in 1990, it has grown to what it is today. Five full days of music, dance, atmosphere and fun. Get ready for the Bluefest in April 2017. Thinking to get out of the Us, head way down under to Aussie land.
  3. Gnaoua World Music Festival– Morocco. We like to give recognition to all types of music and sound. This Moroccan Festival represents just that. This festival is a melting pot of world music. Gatherers….nearly half a million, come together to experience Gnaoua. Gnaouas are spiritual healers and music makers. This festival brings foreign musicians of all types together and what you have is an experience of a lifetime.
  4. MysteryLand. Netherlands. Godfather of Dance Festivals. Netherlands is home to electronic sounds. Mysteryland dance and music festival brings incredible djs and artists together to create an experience. All electronic music lovers should at some point experience this incredible festival. Many djs have been made known from Mysteryland. Check it out next August 2017.

I have just named 4 of the numerous music and dance festivals all over the world. We have lots of cool things going on in the Unites States too. From Bluegrass to Jazz, Electronic to Hip Hop, festivals allow people to come out explore, listen, engage and move to sound rhythm produced by talented musicians. Experience different styles and genres. Explore the sounds and energy people put into their music. Watch the way sound makes one or many move and interact. The internet is huge….explore the many other festivals that are out there. Some new, some decades old.

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