Underground Cities

Thought we’d touch on where people come from. Every artist, mainstream or underground, comes from somewhere right? ¬†And for the record, not everyone came from Los Angeles New York, and of course Nashville. Maybe that’s where they had to travel to “be found”, but those three major metropolitan cities (well maybe Nashvilles isn’t considered major and metropolitan, but it is a big music hub) are far from the only places where good shit exists.

We’ve put a list together of some underrated cities, where their music¬†scene is one to be discovered.


  1. Portland, OR. Portland’s kinda turned into something, especially among the hip scene. With a scene brings more bars, music, and artists. Portland, although a mainstream city now, while producing some up and comers in the accepted world, offers some great spots to hear many of the untapped.
  2. Detroit, MI. A scene for some time, but gears are shifting to more of the hip hop scene. There is some incredible underground to explore in Detroit. Auto industry it once was, audio it still is.
  3. Cambridge, MA. Underrated music spot that deserves a little more love and attention. Great live music, great scene. Worth checking out.
  4. Kansas City, MO. An underrated hip hop spot. Another spot to check.

These are just a few cities. The Hawaii islands have some incredible reggae, reggae/rap bands and musicians too. The difference is that some of the best you hear are in the backyard of a neighbor or friends. It’s island style, and one of the best ways to listen to good jams.

We did a post on Zilla. Zilla is straight from the Big Island. One example of excellence from the islands.


Until next time…Peace and music.