The Flute- the oldest known instrument

Once made from bird bone and the ivory of mammoths, flutes have found to be over 40,000 years old. The oldest instrument discovered to date, the flute often goes overlooked.  During a recent collaboration of like minded musicians, a group of abstruse musical talent set out to bring more awareness to the flute and their sounds.There mission was to sail the waterways of Florida and play their sounds together. Many were flutists and some of vocalists. Together the sound that emanated from their efforts was brilliant and emotionally embracing. Their mission was to spread the artistry and sound beauty of the flute, Water and Music.

Water & Music, “be fluid like water, feel the music”.  The body of water we call the ocean is much larger or more powerful, as is music. The combination of water and sound is transformational. They had a 45 foot boat they had vinyl wrapped to display their mission. It truly was amazing artistry created and installed by a marine wrap company. Their mission was to spread the artistry, sound beauty of the flute, and history of the flute.

I caught up with these guys (male & female) in Miami and had the opportunity to cruise Florida waters with them for a bit. And holy Sh** it was beyond incredible.  What they did with their thin, delicate flutes was beyond bold and beautiful. Being on the water felt like freedom.

From what I learned, and I really wasn’t familiar but it makes sense, music may have played  quite the role on the development of social networks. This maintenance and development may have been part of the spreading of territory at the time. In the same sense music plays the role and development in social networks today too.  Although the worlds oldest instrument versus what we hear on the radio in our cars, is quote a bit different.

Music is a connection source.  It bridges people together, and may even create bridges amongst us. What we should reflect on every once in a while, or more if we like, is where it came from and how it had evolved. The flute still exist, more than 40,000 years later. Obviously it has progressed from mammoth ivory and bone to silver or brass, but it still exists.

It stood the bridge of time, at least to this point. What other types of music and instruments are capable of standing the bridge of time. Of course some instruments and sound may inspire a whole new creation and that is to be recognized in some way as well, but to exist 40,000+ years ago and then be the instrument that brings artists together to do more (Rv road trip) people together to learn about where it came from, and the sound it makes to be shared, I mean that;s powerful.

So a big shout out to Flute Bones, the traveling flutists, Marine Wraps 1 (wrap company), and to the awesome people I met in Miami. This “Water and Flute” adventure was the beginning of Flute Bones. Not only did they form their own official band, but this mission was the first to come of many.

It’s stepping out of the box in this, sharing what you love, collaborating with other artists, and spreading sounds and education that many are not aware of that gives me hope and keeps e positive for our future and the future others. Embrace sound and explore it. It too has been around for a long time.