In honor of all legit music

There is horrendous, awful, tacky, over trendy music today, as there was yesterday. I really think the shitty sounds have grown. This whole site is to recognize people who I do not know, nor have ever met (destination UNKnown).


Because. I like what they stood for. I want to express myself.And really, aren’t we al on a destination unknown? We need something beyond this destination Earth that we’ve landed upon. Maybe this is a ripple of what more there should be. People with similar thoughts expanding upon others, regardless of relationship, friend or foe. ¬†It is possible to agree with the thoughts of an enemy. Why fight? Win on something.

Sometimes what you stand up for becomes tiring, or life gets in the way a  steers your energy in a new direction. What your focused once were are now different. At one point in time destination UNKnown focused on sharing music, new and old, and what they stood for. They also supported Radio Scorpio.

They were about music and dance, all sorts of genres and styles, as long as quality was the focus.

They stood for:



Giving to the new and the old.

The invitation of dance.

Letting go, creating, sharing and inspiring.



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