Personalizing Your Instrument

Music is a very huge part of life, in the sense that you can literally find it EVERYWHERE. From television shows, movies, sporting events, grocery stores, elevators, even when you are on the telephone on hold!  You can choose to listen to music when you are working out, having a bad day, stuck in traffic, there is literally a song for every type of mood you may be in.  Music in a sense conforms to what each individual needs or is feeling.  The same can be said for artists and their instruments. How so?  Every artist/musician out there is different.  They have a different reason why they love music, different talents when it comes to the music they play and the instruments they play them on.  In fact, a musicians instrument is made as  much of their own as is the music that they choose to play.  When on stage smashing a drum set, a drummer may want to personalize his style and instrument to be remembered by the crowd that he is performing in front of.  How to do that without ruining the instrument itself or permanently altering it from its original state?  Enter in the new form of personalizing your instrument, vinyl wrapping!  Most people associate vinyl wrapping with vehicles or commercial fleets but the word on the music scene is it is the new thing for musical instruments!  Most commonly vinyl wrapped instruments have been guitars and drum sets but whos to say that is where it has to stop?  In fact you can wrap your laptop (hello DJ’s), cell phones, etc.  The great thing about this technique is it will NOT damage your instrument as well as, you are able to restore it to its original form should you tire of the vinyl wrap you have had done.  

To make it even better and more appealing you can either choose from a custom skin that has already been pre-designed, or if you choose a vinyl wrap company such as #201 Wraps you can have custom art artwork and graphics printed on your vinyl wrap making your instrument completely unique and individual.  

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The Evolution Of Bluegrass

Bluegrass music has made a name for itself on the music scene and continues to become more and more popular as time goes on.  Although most people will agree that Bluegrass sounds like a cross between Jazz and Country genres, what most people don’t know is that bluegrass music actually gets its roots from Appalachia.  In fact it generally dates back to appalachian style music in the 1800’s.  Fast forward to the present and bluegrass music has evolved, gaining a little bit of Irish, Scottish & English traditional musical roots and has also gained influence from African American style music, which is the Jazz sound you associate with it.  When bluegrass first came to life in old day Appalachia it was a musical reflection of the everyday life and hardships that were dealt to those from the country.  How is the unique sound attributed to bluegrass carried out?  One or more instruments is played and takes its turn playing a melody and improvising around it making it each instruments and players own melody.    With the evolution of time and the distinct styles that began to make themselves prevalent in the bluegrass genre, we now have 3 main types of bluegrass music.  First and foremost is Traditional Bluegrass where musicians play folk songs and use only acoustic instruments.  Next we have Bluegrass Gospel, which is implemented using Christian lyrics, soulful harmony singing, and SOMETIMES the use of instruments.  Neo-Traditional Bluegrass is a newer form of bluegrass, bands playing this style tend to have more than just one lead singer. What’s great about Bluegrass and it’s catchy melodies is that each artist can make the sound their own.  Uniquely and individually setting themselves a little bit apart from other bluegrass artists.  Isn’t that the beauty of music?  That you can take the sound and the lyrics and brand them with your own style.  

With so many new bluegrass artists making way to the music scene we have compiled a list of our favorite bluegrass tunes & melodies to check out should you be new to the bluegrass scene or simply want to compare favorites!

Best Bluegrass Songs

  1. Fox On The Run
  2. Wabash CannonBall
  3. Foggy Mountain
  4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  5. Orange Blossom Special
  6. Kentucky Waltz
  7. Footprints In Snow
  8. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
  9. The Ballad of Jed Clampett
  10. Can The Circle Be Unbroken

Although we are sure that there are many more bluegrass songs and artists to choose from these are 10 of our top picks when it comes to the bluegrass genre.  If you haven’t really given this music a chance we suggest listening to a couple more songs.  While it’s definitely personal preference and just like rap, country, and jazz aren’t for everyone, the same might be the case with bluegrass.  However, it’s soulful sound, its appalachian roots, and the amazing artists and bands to be seen and heard from this unique music group is really pretty amazing!

The Flute- the oldest known instrument

Once made from bird bone and the ivory of mammoths, flutes have found to be over 40,000 years old. The oldest instrument discovered to date, the flute often goes overlooked.  During a recent collaboration of like minded musicians, a group of abstruse musical talent set out to bring more awareness to the flute and their sounds.There mission was to sail the waterways of Florida and play their sounds together. Many were flutists and some of vocalists. Together the sound that emanated from their efforts was brilliant and emotionally embracing. Their mission was to spread the artistry and sound beauty of the flute, Water and Music.

Water & Music, “be fluid like water, feel the music”.  The body of water we call the ocean is much larger or more powerful, as is music. The combination of water and sound is transformational. They had a 45 foot boat they had vinyl wrapped to display their mission. It truly was amazing artistry created and installed by a marine wrap company. Their mission was to spread the artistry, sound beauty of the flute, and history of the flute.

I caught up with these guys (male & female) in Miami and had the opportunity to cruise Florida waters with them for a bit. And holy Sh** it was beyond incredible.  What they did with their thin, delicate flutes was beyond bold and beautiful. Being on the water felt like freedom.

From what I learned, and I really wasn’t familiar but it makes sense, music may have played  quite the role on the development of social networks. This maintenance and development may have been part of the spreading of territory at the time. In the same sense music plays the role and development in social networks today too.  Although the worlds oldest instrument versus what we hear on the radio in our cars, is quote a bit different.

Music is a connection source.  It bridges people together, and may even create bridges amongst us. What we should reflect on every once in a while, or more if we like, is where it came from and how it had evolved. The flute still exist, more than 40,000 years later. Obviously it has progressed from mammoth ivory and bone to silver or brass, but it still exists.

It stood the bridge of time, at least to this point. What other types of music and instruments are capable of standing the bridge of time. Of course some instruments and sound may inspire a whole new creation and that is to be recognized in some way as well, but to exist 40,000+ years ago and then be the instrument that brings artists together to do more (Rv road trip) people together to learn about where it came from, and the sound it makes to be shared, I mean that;s powerful.

So a big shout out to Flute Bones, the traveling flutists, Marine Wraps 1 (wrap company), and to the awesome people I met in Miami. This “Water and Flute” adventure was the beginning of Flute Bones. Not only did they form their own official band, but this mission was the first to come of many.

It’s stepping out of the box in this, sharing what you love, collaborating with other artists, and spreading sounds and education that many are not aware of that gives me hope and keeps e positive for our future and the future others. Embrace sound and explore it. It too has been around for a long time.

5 non mainstream bands to be recognized

The music most think of as music today are mostly mainstream songs and artists. Not to say that talent doesn’t exist, but the fact is that there are many, many voices, talented voices that are left unheard.  We want to bring to light music, artists, and voices that are unknown, and shed light on their existence and their talent.

Unfortunately main stream writers do not use their power to introduce many of these bands and people. Whether it’s due to an over abundance and they do what they can, or something else, it is a fact that left behind is talent that should be exposed.

We’ve put together a list of 5 bands, non mainstream bands, that many have not hear of, but deserve to be recognized. If you’ve heard of one or some, kudos to you. Please share others that you’ve found. let’s collaborate talent to expose.

  1. The Witch Hunt. From Leeds, UK this duo band is one to be heard. Late nite, Deep, resonating sounds will penetrate your atmoshpere to create the experience. Guitarist Chris Mulligan,  aligned with the vocals of Louisa  Osborne’s is more than spectacular.
  2. The History of Apple Pie. Psychedelic Indie at it’s finest.
  3. Dutch Uncle’s.  Underrated and deserving of more, Dutch Uncle’s is it’s own creation. Constructing music artistically this art rock/indie/pop band, is setting it’s self apart with individualization  in their style.
  4. Bleech.  Another UK band, Bleech is a bit more known than some underground/under exposed bands, yet still not enough. With their alternative/punk rock band style they should be heading up more magazine covers, more billboards and more notice.
  5. Exit Calm. One of my top choices,  they’ve produced a sound to be heard.  They’ve gone through some changes, but their music leads to me, for alternative rock. Producing music to offer them recognition of becoming known as part of the new age rock movement.

There are a lot of bands that lack recognition and deserve it. Again, we are here to recognize those that deserve it. What other bands out there deserve more recognition?

Underground Cities

Thought we’d touch on where people come from. Every artist, mainstream or underground, comes from somewhere right?  And for the record, not everyone came from Los Angeles New York, and of course Nashville. Maybe that’s where they had to travel to “be found”, but those three major metropolitan cities (well maybe Nashvilles isn’t considered major and metropolitan, but it is a big music hub) are far from the only places where good shit exists.

We’ve put a list together of some underrated cities, where their music scene is one to be discovered.


  1. Portland, OR. Portland’s kinda turned into something, especially among the hip scene. With a scene brings more bars, music, and artists. Portland, although a mainstream city now, while producing some up and comers in the accepted world, offers some great spots to hear many of the untapped.
  2. Detroit, MI. A scene for some time, but gears are shifting to more of the hip hop scene. There is some incredible underground to explore in Detroit. Auto industry it once was, audio it still is.
  3. Cambridge, MA. Underrated music spot that deserves a little more love and attention. Great live music, great scene. Worth checking out.
  4. Kansas City, MO. An underrated hip hop spot. Another spot to check.

These are just a few cities. The Hawaii islands have some incredible reggae, reggae/rap bands and musicians too. The difference is that some of the best you hear are in the backyard of a neighbor or friends. It’s island style, and one of the best ways to listen to good jams.

We did a post on Zilla. Zilla is straight from the Big Island. One example of excellence from the islands.


Until next time…Peace and music.