Personalizing Your Instrument

Music is a very huge part of life, in the sense that you can literally find it EVERYWHERE. From television shows, movies, sporting events, grocery stores, elevators, even when you are on the telephone on hold!  You can choose to listen to music when you are working out, having a bad day, stuck in traffic, there is literally a song for every type of mood you may be in.  Music in a sense conforms to what each individual needs or is feeling.  The same can be said for artists and their instruments. How so?  Every artist/musician out there is different.  They have a different reason why they love music, different talents when it comes to the music they play and the instruments they play them on.  In fact, a musicians instrument is made as  much of their own as is the music that they choose to play.  When on stage smashing a drum set, a drummer may want to personalize his style and instrument to be remembered by the crowd that he is performing in front of.  How to do that without ruining the instrument itself or permanently altering it from its original state?  Enter in the new form of personalizing your instrument, vinyl wrapping!  Most people associate vinyl wrapping with vehicles or commercial fleets but the word on the music scene is it is the new thing for musical instruments!  Most commonly vinyl wrapped instruments have been guitars and drum sets but whos to say that is where it has to stop?  In fact you can wrap your laptop (hello DJ’s), cell phones, etc.  The great thing about this technique is it will NOT damage your instrument as well as, you are able to restore it to its original form should you tire of the vinyl wrap you have had done.  

To make it even better and more appealing you can either choose from a custom skin that has already been pre-designed, or if you choose a vinyl wrap company such as #201 Wraps you can have custom art artwork and graphics printed on your vinyl wrap making your instrument completely unique and individual.  

When speaking with a few musician friends of mine, I asked them what they thought of this hot new technique that has hit the music scene.  John, a guitar player for a local band told me that it might be one the the best things to come about in awhile.  He then pulled out his guitar and showed me some of the best artwork I have seen, let alone on an instrument!  His wife had painted him a picture that reminded him of his family and his love for them especially when being on the rode a lot traveling to different cities and such. John always wants to have a piece of them with him and now when he is up on stage performing or traveling to the next venue he does!  He had #201Wraps duplicate his wife’s artwork onto a wrap and wrap his guitar!  It is truly incredible.  Another friend that plays in a jazz band had his Saxophone wrapped. He said that his instrument is like another extension of himself and he felt that he needed to personalize it for that reason.  It is one of his most valuable possessions in life and he prides himself in the beauty and sound of his sax!  He even shared with me that when you play an instrument for so long you become accustomed to the way it feels in your hands, how to play it, and the the music it emanates.  Having his instrument vinyl wrapped gave him the ability to showcase his personality and give his audience a visual of what his music would look like if it could only be seen and not heard.  Musicians are artists in their own right, their sound being their pieces of art.  Mix music with visual art and you have yourself one heck of a dynamic!

Looking to set yourself apart or show your individuality in your band?  We suggest looking into vinyl wrapping your instrument.  Keyboard, drum set, guitar, you name it and you can pretty much custom wrap it to express the musician you are!