5 non mainstream bands to be recognized

The music most think of as music today are mostly mainstream songs and artists. Not to say that talent doesn’t exist, but the fact is that there are many, many voices, talented voices that are left unheard.  We want to bring to light music, artists, and voices that are unknown, and shed light on their existence and their talent.

Unfortunately main stream writers do not use their power to introduce many of these bands and people. Whether it’s due to an over abundance and they do what they can, or something else, it is a fact that left behind is talent that should be exposed.

We’ve put together a list of 5 bands, non mainstream bands, that many have not hear of, but deserve to be recognized. If you’ve heard of one or some, kudos to you. Please share others that you’ve found. let’s collaborate talent to expose.

  1. The Witch Hunt. From Leeds, UK this duo band is one to be heard. Late nite, Deep, resonating sounds will penetrate your atmoshpere to create the experience. Guitarist Chris Mulligan,  aligned with the vocals of Louisa  Osborne’s is more than spectacular.
  2. The History of Apple Pie. Psychedelic Indie at it’s finest.
  3. Dutch Uncle’s.  Underrated and deserving of more, Dutch Uncle’s is it’s own creation. Constructing music artistically this art rock/indie/pop band, is setting it’s self apart with individualization  in their style.
  4. Bleech.  Another UK band, Bleech is a bit more known than some underground/under exposed bands, yet still not enough. With their alternative/punk rock band style they should be heading up more magazine covers, more billboards and more notice.
  5. Exit Calm. One of my top choices,  they’ve produced a sound to be heard.  They’ve gone through some changes, but their music leads to me, for alternative rock. Producing music to offer them recognition of becoming known as part of the new age rock movement.

There are a lot of bands that lack recognition and deserve it. Again, we are here to recognize those that deserve it. What other bands out there deserve more recognition?