The Evolution Of Bluegrass

Bluegrass music has made a name for itself on the music scene and continues to become more and more popular as time goes on.  Although most people will agree that Bluegrass sounds like a cross between Jazz and Country genres, what most people don’t know is that bluegrass music actually gets its roots from Appalachia.  In fact it generally dates back to appalachian style music in the 1800’s.  Fast forward to the present and bluegrass music has evolved, gaining a little bit of Irish, Scottish & English traditional musical roots and has also gained influence from African American style music, which is the Jazz sound you associate with it.  When bluegrass first came to life in old day Appalachia it was a musical reflection of the everyday life and hardships that were dealt to those from the country.  How is the unique sound attributed to bluegrass carried out?  One or more instruments is played and takes its turn playing a melody and improvising around it making it each instruments and players own melody.    With the evolution of time and the distinct styles that began to make themselves prevalent in the bluegrass genre, we now have 3 main types of bluegrass music.  First and foremost is Traditional Bluegrass where musicians play folk songs and use only acoustic instruments.  Next we have Bluegrass Gospel, which is implemented using Christian lyrics, soulful harmony singing, and SOMETIMES the use of instruments.  Neo-Traditional Bluegrass is a newer form of bluegrass, bands playing this style tend to have more than just one lead singer. What’s great about Bluegrass and it’s catchy melodies is that each artist can make the sound their own.  Uniquely and individually setting themselves a little bit apart from other bluegrass artists.  Isn’t that the beauty of music?  That you can take the sound and the lyrics and brand them with your own style.  

With so many new bluegrass artists making way to the music scene we have compiled a list of our favorite bluegrass tunes & melodies to check out should you be new to the bluegrass scene or simply want to compare favorites!

Best Bluegrass Songs

  1. Fox On The Run
  2. Wabash CannonBall
  3. Foggy Mountain
  4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  5. Orange Blossom Special
  6. Kentucky Waltz
  7. Footprints In Snow
  8. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
  9. The Ballad of Jed Clampett
  10. Can The Circle Be Unbroken

Although we are sure that there are many more bluegrass songs and artists to choose from these are 10 of our top picks when it comes to the bluegrass genre.  If you haven’t really given this music a chance we suggest listening to a couple more songs.  While it’s definitely personal preference and just like rap, country, and jazz aren’t for everyone, the same might be the case with bluegrass.  However, it’s soulful sound, its appalachian roots, and the amazing artists and bands to be seen and heard from this unique music group is really pretty amazing!