This kid is the shit. I was at a friends house a few nights ago and he was playing some music. The track was solid. Who is this? He said a good friend from Hawaii. It was a him mixing and rapping. Shit it was good.

He’s 27 years old and always been into making sound. He writes too. He wants to get out share his music, but I guess he’s in a hard place financially. Computer died on him, so makes it hard to mix. But my friend had lots of his stuff. Nothing made to perfection, but just him doing his things, solo and some with others. He has a reggae/underground hip hop/trance vibe. A mix of all. That’s what I liked about his stuff. It’s expressive too. And a combo of expression from chill, laid back to I’ve got stuff to say. I hope this guy is able to be heard by more people. He is very talented. I hope one of my future posts is all about him with samples of his music.

The industry is tough. So many talented people that go unknown, unexposed. Even with all the right resources, it’s just hard.

That is why I have so much respect for artists that push for what they want…and then don’t sell out. Although think if you made it. It doesn’t happen overnight. Lots of energy, persistency and follow through go into really getting somewhere. Unless of course you simply luck out and meet the right person and the right time. Happens, just doesn’t happen all that often. Then to actually make money doing it you have to “change” according to what they say people want. What do you do? I think a little fight, like what got you there in the first place is what you do. What if that’s not enough and it’s sell out or go home. Personal decision I guess.

If you know of people that need to be exposed, keep exposing. Raw talent deserves exposure.

Music we find

There is so much pop junk, sell outs on the music scene. You turn on the radio and it’s the same music on nearly every station, unless you hit up some country, although country lacks in presenting all the true raw talent as well.

Some style of music I won’t lie, I don’t love. You know what still makes me listen to certain songs or artists that may not be totally my style? Their art. Music is art. Not all artists draw landscapes, or people, or animals. They find their style. There is beauty in style. For that reason I listen to all styles of music. I seek out expression true to the person expressing.

So I bit of a story. I personally am not a fan of Beyonce’s. I never really got her music or liked the sound of it. Many songs actually make me cringe. I will do this though. I will compliment her VMA performance. A friend actually told me that I should watch her performance. I went ahead and did. I thought it was powerful. You know why? She did something. She performed…but not just for the audience, there was something deep felt that that she really was expressing. In that I find power. The power of expression. I’m still not a Beyonce fan, will never purchase her music or go to a concert she puts out. I will though recognize that her VMA performance was more than I thought of her music.

I want to do this because I don’t just want to bash the pop junk. The stuff everyone thinks is music. Then I’m just as ignorant…or something like that. And this is still just my opinion. Some may say you suck she rocks and some may suck you rock…until you began thinking she doesn’t suck. Judgement judgement judgement. I want to provide me. I want to provide awareness for incredible artists that exist that are not part of “the trend” but deliver waaayyyy beyond. And I want to be real to my identity. Not yours, nor his, or hers.

I get the world we live in is competitive, you do what you gotta do to put food on the table, stand out, be more. But when as humans we sell out a choose to be a clone of a machine, so much value is lost. If we do not choose to recognize those giving, sharing real value, they will go lost and all that will be left will auto tuned shit and deep underground shit which the majority of people will never hear.

So let’s explore and recognize good, even if it only happens once.



In honor of all legit music

There is horrendous, awful, tacky, over trendy music today, as there was yesterday. I really think the shitty sounds have grown. This whole site is to recognize people who I do not know, nor have ever met (destination UNKnown).


Because. I like what they stood for. I want to express myself.And really, aren’t we al on a destination unknown? We need something beyond this destination Earth that we’ve landed upon. Maybe this is a ripple of what more there should be. People with similar thoughts expanding upon others, regardless of relationship, friend or foe.  It is possible to agree with the thoughts of an enemy. Why fight? Win on something.

Sometimes what you stand up for becomes tiring, or life gets in the way a  steers your energy in a new direction. What your focused once were are now different. At one point in time destination UNKnown focused on sharing music, new and old, and what they stood for. They also supported Radio Scorpio.

They were about music and dance, all sorts of genres and styles, as long as quality was the focus.

They stood for:



Giving to the new and the old.

The invitation of dance.

Letting go, creating, sharing and inspiring.